Ananta kina sina?


Ananta kina sina calaunu?

 Maile bhujhina. Hami gardichau?

Hamro prem ra sambandha sinaharu najannchu. 

Mero vivshvas asha garnu ho. 

Ma dukha lagyo ani ma timi sanga hawaamaa nach garchhu. 

Timro prem mero ullas ho. 

Tara timi “hoina” bhanna. 

Timi “svorga hoina” bhanna. 

Ma “krypaya” bolchuu. 

Timi “sina yahan” bhanna.

Ananta kina sina calaunu?

Just in case the meaning is lost in attempted translation: here is what I meant to say…

Why place a limit on infinity?

I don’t understand. Why would we do that?

Our love and relationship know no boundaries.

My belief is to hope.

I feel sad and then you dance with me on air.

Your life is my joy.

But you say, “no.”

You say, “this isn’t heaven.”

I say, “please.”

You tell me the boundary is here.

Why put a limit on infinity?




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