Emotions In Pictures



This is an activity that I like to do with my students, regardless of age. So many of us have a difficult time putting our feelings into words. This is especially true for ELL students. With an extremely limited vocabulary to describe themselves with, sometimes its helpful to be able to draw a picture

This picture of anger is described by saying, it starts with a bunch of little things deep inside. Like bubbles in a boiling pot. If you look at the surface you would never know that all those little things are building up. The surface is smooth, sparkling, and clear. The water never sounds distressed, it is silent and accepting. Still, all those little things that make me angry are building and adding. They start bumping into each other and making the other little things upset too. Until, all of a sudden large masses of anger rise to the top and break through the facade of peace. Because it took so long to bubble over, now its hard to get back under control. Even if you remove the flame, the water is still boiling. Steam rises to burn those who even come close. You can hear the anger because the whistling and bubbling is sending messages through the air. Until the energy is released, the anger is not calmed. The key is to never let the little things reach boiling point.

How would you draw anger?


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