Vesta’s Influence


As if I need anymore focus on dreamland. As a Piscean with natal Sun, Venus, and Mercury also in Pisces and also in my twelfth house I’m about as watery and emotionally intense as they come. Oh, did I mention dreamland? I spend more of my time there than I do in “reality”. I once read that those with such important planets in the twelfth house (my Mars is also in twelfth) can lead to a personality that believes more in belief than in real. I’d say that’s pretty much true. 

Add that to a current moon and Uranus in the twelfth and Pisces, I’ve got the waterworks turned on. Only recently I’ve started learning about Vesta and her influence on natives. My Vesta is currently in aspect to my Venus while they journey through my 11th house and the sign of Aquarius. Supposedly, the proximity to Venus should help me focus. Aquarius is the sign of friends and large groups of people. Also, it should be a good sign for projects, even if they are unique and surprising. It is an interesting paradox as the 11th house is also a house of friendship. With Vesta there, it signals a need for me to break away from these large groups and recharge. It is also a time to take myself away from my own hopes and wishes. *sigh* And it stays there until…Valentines Day? Really?

Then Vesta enters Pisces and my Twelfth House and into a harmonious aspect to my natal sun. What changes does that bring? With Vesta in the 12th, I can go ahead and resign myself to fighting a desire to be withdrawn. If I give into the desire to keep to myself, I will begin to feel drained. Quite the opposite to the recharging effect being withdrawn has until then. Once Vesta enters into Pisces on Feb 14th, I am also signing up for a little more influence from the imagination. This is also a good time to begin focusing on helping people or starting a creative endeavor. We’ll see. 




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