You who sits there in the window with tears on her cheeks.
Why do you always stay up there, why won’t you ever leave?
Why is your face in the window, looking out constantly?
Don’t you ever get tired of waiting for your love to finally see?

He isn’t ever coming.
And even if he did.
He wouldn’t bother looking up.
You’d remain a dream within his head.

He’s looking at his own level.
He’s walking by your home.
He never thought you’d be above him.
He doesn’t even know.

That his angel is weeping because he never walks by her window.
He never takes the street she lives on. And he’ll never go,
by  the place he knows she lives, because he doesn’t want to see her.

He can’t bear the pain of her tears or cries.
He doesn’t want to hear her sighs.
He ignores her heartfelt songs,
his own feelings, he denies.

And she’ll suffer all the heart ache
because her loyalty remains,
she’ll stay forever lonely
because she doesn’t want to change.

They’ll never be together, that is the fates design.
Each one believing blinding that this life is not their life.
They don’t have faith enough, to hold on to what is theirs.
They both sit at home, wallowing in their tears.
They refuse to acknowledge that they both share the fears.

I can only pray that the Universe will see,
that they both deserve to be happy
and in each other’s arms they should be.
That if only once, he’d be brave enough to walk down her street.
And if she’d be bold enough to leave the safe confines in which she sleeps.
If for once chance would bring them together and they could stop feeling defeat.

If they could hold each other, love each other, and say honestly to one another
“It’s you, I’ll always keep.”

Window Watching


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