Astrologically Speaking


Its no news to people who know me well that I really follow astrology, almost religiously. I’ve been playing with forecasting my own charts and even have started a project on casting for friends to develop these skills. Which brings me to the good news, I recently scored an awesome wonderful job doing what I love with great pay and an even greater boss. 
Now, I know that some could say this is all coincidence, but I’ll warn you  now, I don’t believe in coincidence. My Nov-Jan charts were rather busy, full of stresses, poor communication, financial upsets, love upsets, travel, and major home changes.  What was going on then? Oh, only custody fights, graduating college, moving several thousand miles away, oh yeah and being a true single parent. 
I’ve been really looking forward to February so that I could finally feel some relief from those harsh Mercury retrogrades, hard Saturn movements, and some sad goodbyes to Jupiter.
Bringing me to now is a very satisfying love of Neptune returning to my sun sign’s home of Pisces. Is it a surprise that this happens the day I get my wonderful job opportunity. Now there were some foreshadowed events in the form of a retrograde Saturn (thank the Heavens) and a first interview on Feb 3rd. Now, Mars isn’t helping me with some major events that started on January 23rd and may continue being an issue until April 13th, lets see how that plays out.
But as if through divine intervention, only yesterday I offered up a prayer to the universe to release me from the stresses bound to the January 23rd event. Only to suddenly have a major transition take place with regards to this problem last night when the full moon entered into Leo, the heart of my love, partners, and intellectual pursuits. Which is exactly what this full moon shed some unique light on. 
Add all that to the fact that Venus just entered my twelfth house of spirituality and is conjunct my sun sign to add some beauty to all personal en devours. We’ll see how long this wonderful lit chart lasts, but for now, I’m enjoying the ride.   


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