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Rang Seeksha: A Lesson in Color


ImageI’m writing to share some of the fun and joy of my new job. The lesson plan I did for Nepali was for colors. This is my display for the parents with examples of Nepali writing. I hope I didn’t make any mistakes. I explained to them how the words were pronounced and even made a video with the pronunciations that went on our school website. This is so exciting! So there you have it, Nepali for infants and toddlers! 😀

ImageI even wrote all the student’s names in Nepali and hung them on the wall to see if parents could pick them out with what they learned in the class. My parents were paying attention because many of them were able to figure out their child’s name on the first try. How awesome is that?!


How to pronounce in Nepal Bhasa


How to pronounce in Nepal Bhasa.

I’ve been learning Nepali slowly over the past year and a half, now I get to start doing what I really want to do and learn some Newari (Nepal Bhasa if we are going to be PC). Pretty much can’t wait to shock Shiva with some of his mother tongue. 🙂