Singing to Learn Nepali


I am a strong believer in singing to learn. I believe that singing embeds material in your mind in a way that you can’t even comprehend. Anytime I am learning anything new, I try to sing it. I still know all the presidents of the US in chronological order thanks to a song I learned in the 11th grade to pass my AP American History exam. If it wasn’t for singing, my Nepali and Hindi pronunciation wouldn’t be nearly as decent as it is.
I’ve had native speakers of Nepali, Hindi, Mandarin, French, and Spanish tell me that my sing pronunciation sound so much more authentic (less American) than they would have presupposed. It helps that part of my job is singing songs from other cultures so I am working on loosening that tongue. Today I accidentally found a great resource for learning Nepali songs: and I am sharing it with you for your joy. Some of the songs listed were already in my iTunes library. Happy singing!


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