Nepalima these words bhanna auncha?


In response to the requests to Google on how to say things in Nepali, I am adding this series. I hope to update it as often as good search terms lead people here.

Today’s search: “how to say cute in Nepali” I believe the word is “hisi” for cute.  I should note here that “hisi” is slightly feminine in nature. When Shiva remarks to me on something cheesy I’ve done, he’ll say, “Timi kasto hisi chhau.” as in, you are cute. He often precedes this with a fake, “awww”.

Some related phrases may be:

“You are beautiful” or “Timi kasto raamro cha.” Which always confused me because it directly translates to “how good you are.” I think this phrase can be used for women or men to indicate that they are attractive.

Another way to say, “you are beautiful” is to say, “Timi ati sundar chaau.” Be sure that this is used towards a girl, it can’t translate to handsome. Also, I use timi because Shiva and I always use the timi form, but if you are less familliar with your Nepali friend, I recommend using Tapaii in place of timi. Also, the verb chaau is very informal when speaking directly to someone, I believe that its better to use a different verb such as hununcha, but I do not have a lot of practice conjugating that.

“I love you” which I have seen many ways, but used “Ma timi sanga prem garchhu.” which directly translates to, “me,  you, with love do.”

Just in case you are in a situation where someone is lavishing these sweet words on you and you would rather they back off, you can say, “Malai kunai chasho chaina.” Which I believe means, “for me, anything i do not choose this.” or “i’m not interested.

This is my best attempt at answering these questions and provided a little more. Please forgive me if I’m making mistakes and as always please correct me so that I can make sure I’m provided accurate information.


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  1. Your Nepali is really good! “I love you” was one of the first things I learned to say in Nepali 😉 Although I learned it a little differently: “timilai maya garchu” (for some reason I thought of the word “prem” as being more of a Hindi word than a Nepali one, but I’m sure it’s used in Nepal too). The “You are beautiful” can be said as “timi kasto raamri chhau” (although this one can only be used for girls; same thing for “sundari” vs. “sundar”)

    • Thanks, Zoe. Shiva uses sundar when he’s talking to me, should he use sundari? Is it right that sundar can be used for a man and be like saying “handsome” instead of “pretty”?

      I know what you mean about the maya garcchu. Shiva said that maya is a familial love and is often said from mother to child. It can be used in the romantic sense and is the most common way to hear the word “love” in Nepali. He always chose to use prem because he said it can only be romantic love. He said that piyar is strictly Hindi, which is funny because he will use pyaaro as a term of endearment along with mayalu. So many words for love. 🙂

      • I think with girls it’s sundari, but now I’m not sure! I never knew prem could only be used for romantic love. It’s so nice that there are so many words for love in Nepali 🙂 I’ve heard pyar being used in Hindi too but like you said pyaaro and pyaari are both Nepali terms. I love terms of endearment. I always call Tri babba (a variation of babu, meaning little boy) and he calls me pyaari 🙂

      • That’s really sweet. I call Shiva, maya most often although lately i tease him with “pyaaro saathi”. We used to call each other “Budha and Budhi” but then parents starting talking about marriage all the time and now he can’t joke about it. I love your input since you’ve spent so much time in Nepal.

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