Nepalimaa “you are sweet” bhannata?


Another day to answer a question of “how do you say____in Nepali?” Today’s google search was how to say, “you are sweet.” This is a tough one because the word sweet “gooliyo” only applies to taste in Nepali. To say “timro gooliyo ho,” would make you sound like a canibal, or terribly inappropriate at best.

So, lets focus on the likely intention of the English phrase, “you are sweet.” in this context, the speaker is usually saying, “you are kind” or “you are generous”. In this case, I believe the best phrase to use is “Timi kasto daya chhau.” I am not sure if you should use daya or dayalu in this phrase, so please chime in, Nepali speakers. Dayalu definitely has a greater lean towards the meaning “generous” than just kind. I hope this answers the seeker’s questions.

update: “Timi kasto dayalu chhau” is the best way to do this.


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