How to say “promise”


How to say “promise” in Nepali. This is the Google search term that brought someone to my page today. One of my resources uses baacha garnu as the verb for “to promise”. This dictionary is very old and has proven itself to be incorrect a number of a times so I do not vouch for its accuracy. However, its a start.

I suppose if you are referring to a noun, you might be able to use “baacha” as most of the time this dictionary has been correct, when a verb is a word with garnu attached, only garnu is modified to fit tense. I have never used baacha so I am not sure if this is what we should use.

Another source gives bacana as the noun for promise and bacana dinu as the verb form as in “give a promise.” I believe this source is more reliable as far as translations. I haven’t had a chance to discuss with my Nepali friend, but I will check up on this. For now, Ma tapaiilai bacana dinchhura khojii garchhu jivab. (And just in case my Nepali there is incorrect, “I promise to search for the answer.” Afterall, I’m still learning too.


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