“You are my life” but I don’t know if it means what it says.


This post is in response to yet another Google user searching for a Nepali translation and landed themselves here at my blog. Days like this leave me shaking my head in disbelief and saying to the Universe, how is it that part of my life now involves trying to translate things into Nepali for complete strangers…no matter, THANK YOU UNIVERSE, that this is indeed part of my life.
I digress, because the verb “to be” is so difficult to figure out, I’ll give you readers a few ways to say this. One way would be to say, “Timi mero zindagi ho.” This exactly means, “you, my life, are.” I use Timi form and ho form here. Although, I am assuming that if you are telling someone they are your life, you are comfortable enough with them to use the informal peer, Timi form. Ho is used to mean that the state is permanent, again assuming that this phrase of endearment would not be slapped on someone with the “cha” form as “cha” implies a temporary state. If for some reason you are trying to say this to a person you are less than familiar with, you could say, “Tapaii mero zindagi hunuhuncha.
This is a very exact way of saying this and I feel like in Nepali it would be awkward to word something in this way. I wonder if the use of Malai or Timle is better. I am unfortunately terrible at using these words and frequently get them backwards. I think that you could say, Timle mero zindagi ho, but still think that all of these methods really don’t do the phrase justice.
The implication of the phrase, “you are my life” is to say that without you, my life is nothing. That sends with the message many connotations that life is meaningless in your absence, or without you I am incomplete. I believe that these phrases may better translate to the romantic gesture the reader is attempting to make.
For example, “without you, I am incomplete” may be Ma timi na sanga, maile adha hun. but then again, maybe I’m wrong about the maile part.
At this point, I fear confusing the readers any more than I already have so I’m calling it quits for the night. Nepali speakers, chime in. Otherwise, hope this answers your question Google searcher.


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