Hello, My Friend! (Nepali edition)


I’ve been encountering some writer’s block lately. I log on, thinking I’ve got something to write about, and then it just sounds like nothing, so I delete it and move on. Lately, even the Google searches leading readers here have been of no use. Today, I was glad to see a post I could actually address. How to write “Hello, my friend” in Nepali.
The user already knew how to translate this sentence into “Namaste, mero saathi.” (though, they spelled this phrase differently.) Anyway, its easy enough to offer a Devanagari script version: नमस्ते मेरो साथि This is very formal language for a friend. If you are speaking with someone you are very close with, may I suggest, के छ? Or Ke Cha, which pretty much means, What’s up?


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  1. Namaste Padmini!

    Sounds like you have writer’s block. Working your way out of it takes a bit of time. So, one way of breaking out of this cycle is to try this. At the start of every day, set aside 5, 10, 15 or 20 minutes (whatever you can manage realistically) and for two weeks promise yourself to write for the length of time you choose. First rule is you are not writing to show it to anybody, it’s between you and the page and you can through it away when you have finished if you want. What you do is this. Sit down pick up the pen or start the word processor and write, don’t think, don’t edit, don’t wonder about it, first thing that comes into your head even if it’s: I don’t know what to write! Take it from there, just follow your thoughts, don’t correct, or go back over it, edit it, try and polish it, just write and get into the habit of writing something everyday and applying your new skill to the subject you are dealing with, be it language or your experience of life. You will be amazed at how fluent you become. Persevere! The only way to guard against writer’s block is to write every day, and even then it happens from time to time. Hope this helps.

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