Mero agaadi post Nepalimaa. (My first Nepali post)


Uninterrupted post:

Maph garnus, ma Nepalimaa “post” bhanna audaina. Taipani, ma kosis garna mero eka nambara garnu. Paraghaun, parasata ma patyaunchhu yo garchhu. may dara lagyo. Kina? Ma kunni. ma galata dara lagyo holaa chhu. Yo, ma balla-balla garchhu. Akhira, ma chutauna. Ma thakaai lagyo. maile tapaiinlai sahii garnus.


My attempt at self-translation:

Maph garnus, ma Nepalimaa “post” bhanna audaina.(Forgive me, I do not know how to say “post” in Nepali.) Taipani (however), ma kosis garna (I will try) mero eka nambara garnu (to do my best). Paraghaun (after two years), prasasta (enough) ma patyaunchhu (I am confident) yo garchhu ( to do this. )

Ma dara lagyo (I am scared). Kina?(why) Ma kunni. I do not know why.) Ma galata dara lagyo holaa chhu. (it is probably because I am scared to be wrong) Yo, ma balla balla garchhu.(I do this with great difficulty). Akhira (finally), ma chutauna (I give up). Ma thakaai lagyo. (I am tired) Maile tapaiinlai sahii garnus. (Will you please correct me?)

What I meant to say:
Forgive me, I do not know how to say “post” in Nepali. However, I will try to do my best. After two years, I am confident enough to do this. I am scared though. Why? I don’t know. Maybe it is because I am afraid to be wrong. It is very hard to write all this. Finally, I give up.  I am tired. Will you all please correct me?


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  1. Hello Padmini,
    I like your post in Nepal. However, I would still want to add some amendments to your post. Hope you don’t mind. For your heading of the post: “pahilo” means “first”. And, “agaadi” means “ahead”. So, the topic can be amended as “Mero pahilo post Nepali ma”.

  2. Awesome!! 🙂 I think there may be some Hindi in there or maybe some more formal Nepali words? With a phrase like ‘I am scared’ it should be malai dar laagyo (literally translated as “to me fear got on.” Same thing with ‘I am tired.’ it should be “malai takaai laagyo.”

    In order to put the phrase ‘I will try” into the first person, you can conjugate it like “ma koshis garchu.” I don’t know the word “paraghuan” but for the phrase “after two years,” you could also say “dui bharsha bhaera” or “dui bharsha bhaekole” (“because it’s been two years). I don’t know the phrase “sahii garnu” but for your last sentence, you could take out the tapaai and make it into “malaai sahii garnus” or “malaai sahii gardinus” (if you want it to be a little bit more formal).

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