This is where I am recording a list of “how to say in Nepali.” search terms that users are putting into Google that lead them to my blog. If I have not already answered this question, I will do my best to update the page to reflect the new information.

How to say, “I am learning Nepal Bhasa” you would say, “Ma Nepal Bhasa seekchu” or “Ma ali ali Nepal Bhasa bolchu.” which means “i only speak a little Nepal Bhasa.” It is important to note here that if you use “Nepal Bhasa” you are referring to Newari which is a totally different language spoken by the Newars of Kathmandu valley. If you are referring to the national language of Nepal, Nepali, make sure that you say Nepali with the i at the end of the word. You can include or leave off the word Bhasa (language) when referring to Nepali.

How to say, “You are sweet.”  As outlined in this post: you wouldn’t say, you are sweet, you could say, you are nice. Which is Timi kasto daya chhau.

How to say, “you are cute.” “Timi kasto hisi chhau.” This is slightly feminine and more information on compliments like this are in this post.

When you want to ask your English speaking Nepali friend how to say something in Nepali, you can say, “Nepalimaa (in Nepali) whatever word you want to know here…..bhanna (say) auncha (know)? Which really translates better to, “Do you know how to say ____________ in Nepali. But I’m a dork and love to have exact word order translations because it helps me understand the very different grammatical structure of Nepali.


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