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A Former Life


Do you believe in past lives? I certainly do. Since as far back as I could remember I’ve just know that I lived before. That sort of wisdom never faded or weakened. I never doubted my memories of past lives and still don’t. My daughter often refers to her past lives as though they were clear memories. I accept them and am happy that she has a connection to her past as well.

This account of a past life is my most vivid. It is the collection of memories from this life that have most affected how I’ve lived this life. I am including an account of this life that I wrote when I was eight years old. I am correcting the misspellings, however, I am keeping the original content.

“Once there was a girl, her name was Kirana. I was her best friend. My name is Lakhani. Kirana is an only child. I have a brother and a sister. My brother’s name is I am om. My sister’s name is Mitina. Kirana and I are twelve years old. Mitina is eight years old. She has a good boy friend named Mero. I am om is four years old. My family is big. I live in the same hut with three cousins, one aunt, one uncle, my brother, sister, my mom and dad, my grandmother, and Kirana. Kirana is an only child and an orphan. Her parents died when there was a great battle. Now she lives with us.”

This is the only written accord from my childhood but I remember many details from this life. I always have felt a connection to Indian culture and perhaps these names are Indian. Kirana is a Hindi name meaning light, Lakhani is a Hindi name associated with Rama’s brother and is associated with wealth. It is typically a boy’s name. The name Mitina is close to the Hindi word Mitra for friend and even closer to the Nepali word Mitini for friend.  I am om is obviously not a name, but the closeness to the meditation word OM is interesting, especially when I you read I am OM. Its curious at the least. Even the name Mero means “mine” in Nepali and Hindi.

I didn’t know that the names were somewhat more Nepali in sound than Hindi until about a year ago. But I’ve always felt a tie to Sanskrit and language derived from. I’ve studied the Devanagri script and will continue to. Anyone else have a tie to their past life?